It’s an amazing disgrace, all right.

Not this again: “For a bunch of people who claim to be Christians, you sure don’t live up to my standard of Christian behavior.” It’s been done and done and done already … this week even.

Why would Christians be uncivil to ABC News’ chief political analyst on Christmas Eve, of all days? It’s impossible to know for sure, but his contribution to the holiday might have something to do with it.

Ah, the gift of politicization that absolutely no one asked for! Just chuck that over in the pile with the “Joseph and Mary were homeless” lectures from Hillary Clinton and Al Gore and Jesse Jackson and …

Just reminding Christians of the reason for the season and all that.

What, this?

Here are a few things I will attempt to do and hope you can hold me accountable to them. In an election as important as this, I want to listen more, be open-minded, and speak so that what I convey is being kind, rather than being right. Because I had gotten much of the election right, I became arrogant and pride took over. I now step forward with more humility.

* * *


There, think about that for a minute.