Some believe Vice President Joe Biden could have taken the 2016 election in a walk, but it was Hillary’s turn, right? Biden had quite a bit to say to Michael A. Memoli about the election in an interview published in the Los Angeles Times Thursday, but CNN managed to get right to the point in its tweet:

Before awarding Biden points for brutal honesty, note that he dismisses as unfair any suggestion that it was “raw ambition or a desire to move back to the White House” that compelled her to run for president (again).

No, he said it wasn’t raw ambition.

Biden’s guess? She was driven by a sense of duty to shatter that glass ceiling and open “a whole range of new vistas to women,” though the pressure of being the first woman with a real shot at the job “was a real burden on her” — so it turns out she did have something in common with the average American after all … the burden of watching her campaign.

Seriously, though: Biden does share some valuable insight into her loss — not enough that we don’t still enjoy reliving it again and again, though.