Once Hollywood celebrities got in on the act and weighed in on YouTube star Adam Saleh being ejected from a Delta flight “for speaking Arabic,” even announcing a boycott of the airline, Delta faced even further accusations of racism.

By now, though, anyone who’s been paying the slightest attention knows that those allegedly racist fellow passengers who asked Saleh to be removed from the flight are telling the media they’re certain he was up to something other than just talking to his mother on the phone.

Surely enough, Saleh eventually got around to tweeting again, but this time the self-described prankster who thrives on attention made it clear he wouldn’t be talking with the media, which has been “twisting up” his words, until he’d spoken with his attorney first.

The whole incident certainly is reminiscent of the boy who cried wolf, but clearly, this most recent drama was “as real as it gets.”

What a week, and it’s only Wednesday.



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