It’s not difficult to believe the assertion in Wednesday’s Washington Post that President-elect Donald Trump, both a former television host and a beauty pageant owner, “likes people who present themselves very well.”

Still, as much as the piece’s writers flesh out their thesis with quotes from both named and anonymous sources both within and outside the Trump camp, other journalists were giddy over one particular bit regarding John Bolton’s mustache.

Or maybe not, seriously.

You couldn’t make it up, except that you could.

Again, while plenty of sources spoke on the record for the piece, the bit about Bolton’s mustache isn’t so clear-cut, so to speak. The claim is attributed to “several of Trump’s associates” who “said they thought” his mustache “was one of the factors” that handicapped his chances at the secretary of state post.

So, yes, saying Trump rejected Bolton because he has a mustache is making it up — not that the suggestion isn’t worrisome.

Bolton will put that mustache to good use somehow.

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