Back in 2012, when New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker was still mayor of Newark, he undertook the week-long #SNAPChallenge, subsisting for a week on a budget of $30.

The experience reinforced Booker’s belief that America is in need of a “just and sustainable” food system, but he really ought to listen to Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse and consider his personal offer of a sustainable food system, which would consist of just pizza. Sasse got the idea from a follower who suggested a team-up.

Here’s the offer, which was extended a couple of days ago:

If Booker’s not going to take up Sasse on the offer, he really ought to approach the DNC and see what sort of counter-offer he could negotiate. This fall, when the Democrats dispatched whippersnappers Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and secret weapon Al Gore to pitch Hillary Clinton to millennials, it was pretty obvious the party was in need of new blood.

But seriously, Booker ought to cross the aisle and grab some (vegan) pizza.

The enthusiasm is there, but there might be a snag.

Any chance Sasse might take his talents to the Democrats?

* * *