Apparently the same people who are upset that conservatives hijacked the term “fake news” can’t get it through their heads what “hacking” means.

In an exclusive report, NBC News tells of how President Obama called Vladimir Putin personally to warn him about hacking the U.S. election.

The red phone? Sounds serious, and it was. “Mess with the vote and we will consider it an act of war” … is what one of President Obama’s senior advisers wanted him to say to Russia’s president.

President Obama, however, not wanting to inflame “an already tense situation,” instead used “less specific language” to put Putin on notice in September. Amazingly, that particular red line in the sand didn’t do the trick, so in October, Obama picked up the “Red Phone” — never before used by the Obama administration, even to issue those dire warnings about Syria and Ukraine.


But, about that “hacking” of the election:

Not even those voting machines that Jill Stein claimed were proven to be “hack-prone” were hacked, and certainly not over the Internet, since they weren’t online.