What a coincidence that on the same day the Electoral College made Donald Trump the next president, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders both declared that the Electoral College either has to be changed or done away with completely.

As an elector, de Blasio found himself inside the belly of the beast Monday, and the process made him “heartsick.” Then again, he takes it personally when New Yorkers patronize Chick-fil-A against his wishes, too.

Wow, that’s a lot of likes for a suggestion to scrap the Electoral College entirely. But if one person, one vote — a pure democracy — is the only fair way, we’d better do away with the Senate and the House of Representatives too, for starters, and just put everything to a direct vote of the people. That should work. For now, though, the United States is not a direct democracy.

It shouldn’t be that tough for the mayor of New York City to grasp — he seemed OK with the system until now. Then again, so did President Obama up until last week, when the constitutional scholar told the press that the Electoral College is nothing more than a “carryover” from the nation’s founding.

Speaking of socialists and superdelegates, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who won quite a few states of his own but was kneecapped by the Democratic National Committee, suddenly agrees that something’s wrong with the American electoral system.

Yeah, maybe Sanders should set his sights a little lower to start, like fixing that superdelegate problem in the Democratic Party.