We’ve checked out the NBC News website for the full story here, but they might be holding onto it to drop Monday when it will have the most explosive impact throughout the week.

Check out what NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel discovered in Moscow.


Now we’re beginning to think NBC might have withheld this bombshell until Obama had left for vacation; there’s no way he would have left his command post in D.C. knowing this was going on in Moscow.

But what happened to “they”? Was Trump portraiture a group project directed personally by Vladimir Putin, or was this just one artist? Did Trump blow off his press pool and sneak over to Russia to pose? Wait … the rabbit hole deepens.

So, NBC News visited a Kremlin-backed youth group to find out how Moscow feels about Trump’s election, and a young artist there painted a portrait of Trump for their camera? That’s unequivocal proof … that whoever this artist is, she’s really good. And she’s done portraits of Putin, too? Let that sink in for a moment.

As far as we can tell from the reporting, only Putin until now.

Oh, you’ll know her name when the Kremlin commissions her to paint the giant Trump banner they’ll hang in Red Square every Jan. 20.