As Twitchy reported, Politico let go of contributor Julia Ioffe on her way out the door to a new gig at The Atlantic over a vulgar tweet targeting Ivanka Trump. Ioffe deleted the tweet and apologized, but plenty of her fellow journalists lined up behind her in support.

MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes, for one, expressed his amazement that everyone was “gonna get the vapors because of a single tweet” — kind of like every member of the mainstream media has done over every one of Donald Trump’s tweets.

Some were happy to remind Hayes of the name Elizabeth Lauten. An aide to Tennessee congressman Stephen Fincher, she was made famous in 2014 when she criticized the Obama daughters’ appearance at a White House event. “Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar,” she wrote.

She too apologized, but as Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway notes, Lauten forgot that the rule about the president’s children being off limits was still in effect at the time.

But …

Since Iofee’s dropping of the F-bomb in her original tweet made it pretty clear she was doing more than hinting at a purely metaphorical “incestuous” White House arrangement, it’s OK to stop pretending it was anything but the cheapest of cheap shots. Was her tweet truly an expression of concern over a conflict of interest? No. It was not.

We’re so old we remember there being standards associated with being a grown-up journalist, too.

It might be hard for some to imagine, but a lot of Americans aren’t going to sit quietly while members of the press push each other to sets their own standard even lower.