As Twitchy reported, Texas health officials in late November announced that new rules requiring the cremation or burial of fetal remains would take effect in December. The new rule meant that hospitals and abortion clinics would be prohibited from disposing of fetal remains in sanitary landfills.

Abortion rights groups obviously were outraged over the change, and a campaign was launched on Facebook encouraging women to mail bloody tampons to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in protest.

(Men who wanted to get in on the act reportedly were directed by Satanic Temple spokesperson Jex Blackmore to mail Gov. Abbott semen-encrusted materials along with the handwritten note, “These r babies. Plz bury.”)

Abortion rights activists have used a variety of words to describe the requirement to cremate or bury fetal remains, such as “absurd” and “insidious,” but Mother Jones confounded a few people today by describing the rule as “creepy.”

Just the thought of cremating fetal remains is so creepy, it makes us want to mail soiled menstrual products to the governor.

To be honest, Mother Jones doesn’t go into detail on the creepiness of the rule — that’s assumed. A major concern, though, is the burdensome costs of cremating or burying the remains, which “would make accessing reproductive services prohibitively expensive for low-income women.” However, according to the Texas Tribune, health care facilities and not patients would be responsible for the cost.

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