Anyone who’s feeling a little confused about the “alt-right” can take comfort in knowing that even the professional journalists who can’t seem to stop writing about the movement/phenomenon need a little help settling on just what it is.

Both the Associated Press and the New York Times recently issued some guidance for their reporters.

Not surprisingly, the New York Times saved the punchline for last: “We’ll be doing much more reporting on this topic, so … our readers will get a full, unvarnished picture.”

Any questions? Yes, here’s one. Why, exactly, does the Times assume it will be doing “much more reporting” on the alt-right? As promised, the paper came through over the weekend with a lengthy piece on the “alt-right makeover” now that the movement’s image has risen — courtesy of media reports.

Before the New York Times and other media outlets set up a dedicated desk to churn out more profiles, a new poll by Pew Research Center might be worth reviewing. According to Pew, a majority of Americans haven’t even heard of the alt-right movement.

It seems Pew is on to something.

Well, then — time for a lot more stories about the alt-right, even if reporters can’t nail down what the term means.