It’s been a frenetic day of chatter on social media, and the conclusion seems to be that Hillary Clinton would have been our next president had Russia not tampered with the election somehow. It’s that “how” bit in particular that’s leaving people a bit befuddled.

Did Russian agents reprogram voting machines in Wisconsin by sneaking in floppy disks? Or did the Russians use propaganda and social engineering techniques to convince millions of Americans that Hillary wasn’t really that likable and trustworthy after all?

One theory seems to be gaining some traction, and the fact that there’s neither proof nor a shred of evidence of it actually happening just makes it all the more imperative that the federal government investigate: WE HAVE TO BE SURE, or we run the risk of living our lives haunted by doubt and suspicion.

Come to think of it, Huma Adebin did say she left the secretary of state’s appointment calendar lying on the bed in an unlocked hotel room, and she’d also left a bag of confidential “burn stuff” in the front seat of her car. Was Huma Abedin a Russian agent? Hmm …