Here’s a nice break from a full month’s worth of post-election meltdown news, or so we thought:

Bristol Palin and her husband Dakota Meyer broke the news to Entertainment Tonight Friday. The baby will be the couple’s second child; their daughter was born in December 2015. Tripp Palin, her son with ex-fiancé Levi Johnson, is now 7.

On the plus side, we’re 8 years beyond Andrew Sullivan’s public demand that Sarah Palin provide the American public documentation — “the amniocentesis results with Sarah Palin’s name on them, for example” — to “verify” her last pregnancy. That doesn’t mean a new Palin child doesn’t still have a triggering effect, though.

Yeah, a married couple having a child together? A second child? There’s no excuse for that.

All of that was covered above, but it’s true, those “Entertainment Tonight” reports can be difficult to follow sometimes. Most news outlets took a pass on the item, but here’s a quick word from the Daily Beast’s Olivia Nuzzi.

Certainly she’ll keep that advice in mind and pursue more publicly acceptable family planning accordingly.

We’re pretty sure it wasn’t a compliment.