As Twitchy has noted, even a month after the election, people are trying everything to deal with Donald Trump’s victory: some have broken off relationships in favor of celibacy, others are cutting off their hair, and we have at least one evangelist reading from his sacred books on social justice in the lobby of Trump Tower.

Others are taking a less monastic approach and looking everywhere but the mirror to figure out what happened. The president on Friday directed the U.S. intelligence community to complete a full review of election-year cyber attacks, and Twitter currently is abuzz with talk of Russia and hacking.

Obama wants that report on his desk before he leaves office, but let’s hope it doesn’t take that long to clear up this mess. Trying to figure out Russia’s plan here is giving us a headache, and we’re not alone. If Russia wanted Trump to win, they sure cut it close by allowing Hillary to win the popular vote. Consider this, however; what if the Russians weren’t messing with the voting machines, but rather conducting a decades-long propaganda campaign?

Fake news, y’all.

Man, those sly Russians have been working to elect Donald Trump literally for decades … even as first lady, Hillary Clinton only suspected it was a vast-right wing conspiracy working to make her and her husband appear corrupt, dishonest, and unlikable, when in reality it was the Russians behind it all, so desperate were they to scuttle her future chances at assuming the Oval Office.