As Twitchy reported, Hillary Clinton emerged from the woods of Chappaqua Thursday afternoon and took the opportunity to address the “epidemic of fake news” … an epidemic that has put lives at risk, but that no one seemed to have noticed until Clinton unexpectedly lost the presidential election.

It’s fitting, then, that just as Clinton was chiming in on the fake news epidemic, CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers was making note of a peculiar New York Times headline.

That is strange. After reading Powers’ tweet, we too dug into the story headlined, “On Campus, Trump Fans Say They Need ‘Safe Spaces.’

First, the conservative student pictured didn’t request a safe space; rather, she did exactly the opposite: outraged that her class following the election was suspended on the assumption students were “too upset to focus,” she met with the school president after her teacher sent an email publicizing an evening vigil to “mourn” the results of the election.

Powers is correct: although there are a couple of mentions of Trump supporters requesting safe spaces, no such students are named. Rather, a student “in a pink hijab” who is chairwoman of a student government diversity committee is quoted as saying, “To turn around and say that they need safe spaces after their candidate won I think is ironic and hypocritical.”

She added that conservatives don’t understand the need for safe spaces, “because they never needed it, because they don’t have any of the identities that made them feel that way.”

So yes, a lengthy article that is overwhelmingly about liberal campus meltdowns over the election results is published with a headline suggesting pro-Trump students are the ones requesting safe spaces — yet, the conservative student featured in the piece led a personal crusade against vigils and counseling sessions and class cancelations. Fake news, anyone?

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