New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio didn’t waste time putting into action his plan for the city to issue its own municipal IDs. The official ID cards would help keep illegal aliens and other non-citizens from feeling like second-class citizens, the mayor explained.

Detroit doesn’t want to be left out and has announced its own municipal ID, called the “Detroit ID,” or D-ID. At a launch ceremony, Mayor Mike Duggan explained that the ID is part of an effort “to build a city where everybody is included, where everybody is valued and everybody can access the basic services of the city in a way that doesn’t cause them stress,” Mayor Mike Duggan said. Yes sir, stress-free is the way to be.

The Detroit News reports that the ID card is available to residents 14 and over regardless of immigration or housing status, criminal record, or gender identification.

On Wednesday, Detroit City Councilwoman Raquel Castaneda-Lopez became the first resident to receive a Detroit ID.

“This is really about the government removing barriers to make sure that we truly are serving the most marginalized community and people in the city of Detroit,” she said of the effort she helped spearhead. “It really is about seeing each other as human beings and honoring our dignity as human beings.”

Who would have suspected a Detroit ID would ever serve as a symbol of human dignity?

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