The group Sandy Hook Promise has released, through the high-powered ad agency BBDO New York, a PSA that it hopes will help people spot signs of gun violence, particularly among young people, and perhaps intervene to avert disaster.

No one, hopefully, is going to argue with the goal of preventing another school shooting like Sandy Hook or Columbine. It’s a bit worrisome, though, just how many of those “chilling warning signs” could be anything but.

The PSA is presented in the form of a short film, with a bored student transforming into a school shooter in the compressed space of two-and-a-half minutes, during which he reads a magazine about firearms and watches a YouTube video about how to shoot them.

California Lt. Governor Newsom, who tweeted earlier this year that “it’s easier to get a gun than a Happy Meal in California,” was impressed.

Some actual gun owners, though, are finding the whole package just a little too tidy.

Hey, those finger guns can get you suspended or worse; and don’t get us started on those assault Pop-Tarts.

Jenn Jacques of Twitchy sister site Bearing Arms wrote up her own thoughtful impressions of Sandy Hook Promise’s PSA and makes an important observation.

“The child in this video obviously has issues that go deeper than access to a tool,” she notes. “Was it bullying, mental health issues or boredom that drove him to attempt to shoot up his school?”

Politicians like Newsom, however, aren’t going to let lingering questions like that get in the way of another attempt to enforce “gunsense” through legislation.


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