If you know any liberals who went to bed early in hopes of waking up to a surprise Electoral College victory for Hillary Clinton, go ahead and call them now with the good news: Michigan isn’t going ahead with Jill Stein’s ridiculous recount, and she really needs to go away now.

Michigan Attorney Bill Schuette is happy on behalf of the taxpayers who would have had to foot the bill for the recount, despite Stein’s online windfall she likes to call her “election integrity” fund.

Stein is a lot of things, but she’s not aggrieved, legally speaking. Did Michigan plug the hole yet, daddy? Not quite, but soon.

Here it is again, but even bigger and more glorious.

“As has now happened.” You know, like the election happened. In the past.

Oh man … let’s see it and get it over with. What did she tweet?

But … what about that uncorroborated theory that the Russians possibly could have hacked the electronic voting machines? There was no evidence whatsoever that that happened — BUT WE NEED TO BE SURE.

Patience is running a bit thin, shall we say.


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