As soon as Donald Trump had announced the big shake-up in his campaign staff, supporters began asking if the new team had any plans to take away the candidate’s tweeting privileges, and, if not, could they at least consider it?

That call for Trump to log off has never gone away, but maybe it’s time that progressives had an intervention with the goal of convincing George Takei to let his Twitter account cool off for a bit.

It was only last week when Takei called on people tired of all the shootings to join him in his fight against the NRA; the only thing was, he tweeted that right after the “mass shooting” at Ohio State University that was actually a knife attack — the only gun was in the hands of the officer who used it to end the attack just a minute after it started.

This Tuesday afternoon, Takei was calling Trump reckless for his offhand, factually incorrect tweet about Boeing letting costs get out of control in building the brand new Air Force One.

Blame the real news for that bit of fake news; as Twitchy reported, plenty of reporters stepped forward to fact-check Trump on his numbers, but it was NBC News that finally set the record straight, acknowledging that by the time the two aircraft are built, the price tag likely will be more than $4 billion.

In an echo of the Ohio State “shooting” tweet, NBC cleared up that mystery a couple of hours before Takei tweeted his take to his 2 million followers — is he too reckless for Twitter?

The rush to prove Trump wrong was so misguided that the Air Force itself issued a statement Tuesday afternoon.

Pro tip: Whenever anyone gives a cost estimate and advises you to “expect this number to change,” it ain’t going down. That’s where negotiation can help reign in those vague changes:

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