After she finally emerged from hiding in a New York hotel to deliver her concession speech, Hillary Clinton seemed to vanish just as quickly. Her highest-profile appearance after that historic event was a totally chance encounter with a supporter in the woods of Chappaqua, who posted a selfie of herself and Hillary out on a hike.

That wasn’t the last sighting of Hillary Clinton in the woods by a long shot. In fact, just days ago, Twitter made Clinton sightings in the wild a “Moment.”

It appears the chance of running into Hillary during a hike in the woods or during a trip to the grocery store is almost as good as the chance the New York Times would embarrass itself with some over-the-top analysis of the Democrat candidate before she reverted completely to a feral beast.

And there you have it: Hillary Clinton is a new folk hero comfortably dressed as a suburban retiree.

Meanwhile, in Kansas: