You might remember when Jill Stein first gave word that she was going to seek ballot recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. A lot of Hillary Clinton fans certainly do, with many considering the announcement the first real sign of hope they’d seen since election night.

Check out the value proposition as it was worded on Nov. 23 — just a “tiny 50,000 vote shift” would flip the Electoral College!

While more sensible people observed that a 50,000 vote shift was anything but tiny, desperate Democrats began donating to help Stein reach her $2 million $4.5 million $7 million $9.5 million fundraising goal to pay for the recounts.

Stein filed the paperwork with Wisconsin the day after Thanksgiving, and Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey reported on Saturday that the recount of ballots is underway, after a judge denied a motion for a temporary injunction.

And now, after two days of recounting, the big news is … drum roll, please … Hillary Clinton has picked up three votes!

Note that the change in the vote gap is only two votes; that’s because Donald Trump picked up five to Hillary’s three.

Assuming the Green Party manages not to spend all of the $7 million currently pledged for the recount effort, it still comes out of the deal more of a winner than ever before.