The Donald Trump campaign managed to fake out the media already with a little thing called the 2016 presidential election, and Kellyanne Conway kept the surprises coming by attending a costume party on Long Island dressed as DC Comics’ Supergirl.

Conway had said she’d be attended the party at the Long Island estate of Robert Mercer and his wife, Diana, dressed as Trump chief strategist Stephen Bannon, “whom she described as a villain to the media and hero to just about everyone else.” LIES!

So, was the surprise her change of costume, or the appearance of President-elect Donald Trump, whom she’d said wouldn’t be attending? So many layers of deception!

By the way, Trump arrived dressed as himself, leaving it to every single person on social media to make a joke about him attending as either a villain or a hero.

Let’s make a deal: it’s a Saturday night, it’s the holiday season, and at least somebody’s at a party, so we’ll save the really nasty comments on this one (the ones that would be considered misogynistic if Conway were a liberal) for later in case anyone wants to skip ’em.

Hell no — not with all that cocaine on hand, right, Dr. Dean?

Did someone mention the haters? Might as well skip all the “I see two villains” posts and get right to the contributions from people wearing “Nasty Woman” T-shirts.

Amen. Next thing you know Trump will be slow-jamming the news on YouTube while Conway dons green lipstick and bathes in Froot Loops.

Really? This is how civilization ends? We have confirmation.