It’s almost certain Jesse Jackson would find nothing ironic about the fact that his Twitter feed, which was recently concerned mainly with alleged voter suppression in the United States, suddenly pivoted to unabashed praise for deceased Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Cubans, of course, have been free to vote for Castro for decades.

Jackson was insistent that his Twitter followers read and share the Chicago Sun-Times’ nuanced reflection on Castro’s life, an amalgam of paradoxes that could not possibly be portrayed accurately in stark black-and-white terms.

Judging by his own Twitter posts and retweets, though, it seems Jackson was perfectly comfortable with a one-sided view.

Jackson, who first visited Cuba in 1984 as a candidate for president, returned there Wednesday in advance of a Thursday memorial service at which he was invited to speak.

The place sounds too good to leave. Maybe Jackson will take some time off from fixing the dysfunctional United States to really get to know Cuba; he really ought to consider an extended stay as a reward for all of his hard work. Maybe he can hit a ball game and do the wave with Raul — we’ve got things handled here.

Look at all of these well-wishers!