There are coordinated #FightFor15 protests in cities across the country today, as fast-food, airport, and other low-wage workers demonstrate to demand a federal $15 minimum wage. The protesters have plenty of support from some high-profile Democrats:

Speaking of unions, Fox Business Network correspondent Jeff Flock though he’d head out and talk to some of those protesters who are demanding a living wage so that they can live independently and with dignity. That didn’t go smoothly, though, as it seems the union bosses will decide who carries a sign, who leads chants with a megaphone, and who gets to actually, you know, talk.

Um, it doesn’t look like Sen. Warren is actually “alongside workers” in Massachusetts or anywhere. Maybe she should visit the front lines of these protests and make sure these protesters don’t have to fight to for their right to speak too.

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Update: Here’s better quality video of the exchange, posted by Fox Business Network:

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