Other than some praise from the Islamic State, there hasn’t been a lot of support for Ohio State University knife attacker Adbul Razak Ali Artan.

One OSU professor emeritus, Dr. William Clark, spoke to the press Tuesday afternoon about Monday’s attack. He was flipped into the air after being struck by Artan’s car, which jumped a curb and struck several people. Clark told reporters he was going to withhold judgment on his attacker, in part because he was happy just to be alive. “I’m going home, he’s dead,” he reasoned.

That was a remarkably calm and measured response from someone actually injured in the attack; however, a Facebook post from the assistant director of OSU’s Office of Residence Life was downright sympathetic toward not the victims, but Artan.

Though it was marked, “DO NOT SHARE THIS POST,” someone decided it needed to be seen far and wide, and it was as it made the social media rounds Tuesday.

Compassion? Sure, that’s something we all could work on developing. But that swelling of compassion ran out quickly when confronted by the #BlackLivesMatter and especially the #SayHisName hashtags at the end alongside #BuckeyeStrong.

Yes, here we have a young, black man shot by a cop. But we’re going to go ahead and assume the officer wasn’t driven by racism so much as the sight of Artan attacking with a butcher knife people he’d just run down with his car.


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