Jill Stein made it sound so easy — the Green Party’s presidential candidate announced just before Thanksgiving that she’d be filing for recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan as soon as everyone was back in the office after the holiday. All she needed was a couple million dollars to fund the effort, which could theoretically flip any of the three states and thus hand the presidency to Hillary Clinton.

As promised, Stein set the process in motion Friday in Wisconsin. The deadline to request a recount had already passed in Pennsylvania, however, forcing Stein to take the legal route, alleging that the election there was illegal.

Now it seems she’s going to court in Wisconsin as well, after the state said no to her request for a hand-recount of ballots.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported Monday that officials in each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties would decide whether to do hand recounts, unless Stein were to prevail in court.

The Washington Examiner added that Stein and independent candidate Rocky De La Fuente would have to come up with $3.5 million by Tuesday afternoon to pay for the Wisconsin recount, which would require the hiring of thousands of temporary workers to meet the Dec. 12 deadline.

Or, Stein could simply accept the results of the election, as Hillary Clinton and so many other warned Donald Trump would not do, thus eroding the country’s trust in the electoral system.

She’s always been irrelevant, but obviously she’s not expecting to find enough votes for her to win any of the three states.

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