Many are coming down hard on Fidel Castro on the occasion of his death, while others are tip-toeing around his brutal dictatorship diplomatically. Macro Rubio, for one, pulled several examples from Castro’s life to demonstrate that, yes, the official White House response to Castro’s death was pathetic.

Speaking of pathetic, whatever happened to comedy — the funny kind, that is? Despite having experience in improvisational comedy, Sarah Silverman and Al Franken crashed and burned hard at the Democratic National Convention when asked to stall for a bit as Paul Simon readied his performance. And on Saturday, Trevor Noah, who took over as host of “The Daily Show” after Jon Stewart’s departure, had a particularly unfunny (and untrue) response to critics of … Fidel Castro?

Who knows? Maybe Noah isn’t a fan of Castro, but he certainly wasn’t going to give Marco Rubio the pleasure of criticizing Castro as long as he considered Mike Pence a friend. What, exactly, is the connection there?

Um, what? At least Rubio was quoting from the Miami Herald, a respected publication which deals in “real news.”

Sorry, not following. Maybe a deep dive into some “fake news” about Pence would clear this up. Or, just maybe, Noah could fact-check himself before lashing out on social media. This will be tough to spin as a “comedy bit,” seeing as the humor is utterly absent.

How many young voters got their fake news from outlets like “The Daily Show” when preparing to cast their first votes this fall? Not enough to drag Hillary across the finish line, but it’s still a frightening thought.