Twitter might have a winner in the competition to deliver the most obsequious Fidel Castro tribute possible in fewer than 140 words. It’s doubtful that even Raul Castro would be this shameless in his praise, though.

No, it was the Green Party’s Jill Stein, who had apparently taken a break from watching millions pour into her election integrity slush fund, who managed to celebrate the life of Castro in a way that made Justin Trudeau look downright stingy with his praise.

It took Katie Pavlich only one word to dismiss Stein’s tweet.

Maybe some photographic evidence would get through to Stein? It seems unlikely though, since she chooses to deal in symbols and not human lives.

Stein seems to be doing OK trying to take down the empire from within. Sure, she failed miserably at her run for president, but the empire has afforded her the freedom to keep trying while living a very comfortable and free life under its protection.


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