This week, Vox announced that it’s seeking a writing fellow to assist with the site’s race and identities coverage, which obviously will be ramping up with a Trump presidency on the horizon.

It will be interesting to see if Vox can compete with power player Salon in the exciting and lucrative field of race and identity reporting — that appears to be a growth industry, in contrast to manufacturing, which isn’t coming back no matter what Donald Trump voters think. At least they can still cling bitterly to their racism, according to Salon’s hot take this week.

Salon doesn’t appear to have fully staffed up on race and identity writers either, but the site did hand the reins to editor-at-large D. Watkins, a professor at the University of Baltimore.

As much as the tweeted excerpt sounds like clickbait, it pretty well encompasses the piece as a whole. “You aren’t going to make any extra money under Donald Trump,” Watkins writes, “so I hope your racism, or your attempt to ignore it, keeps you warm at night.”

So, if Trump isn’t going to bring back those imaginary factory jobs that uneducated whites seem to go for, who will? Nobody will. Watkins breaks the news that they’re long gone, and America now has “a generation of people complaining about jobs that they have never had and will not see in their lifetime.”

So, the Watkins job plan is … what now? Would voting for Hillary have done something about jobs that are never coming back? That remains a mystery; just know that if you’re white and voted for Trump, you played yourself.