We’re not saying the mainstream media is anxiously poised to pounce on anything and everything that President-elect Donald Trump does, but … actually, that’s exactly what we’re saying.

CNN on Tuesday afternoon posted a piece on retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump’s pick to be national security adviser, noting in its headline that Flynn in August called Islamism a “vicious cancer” that has to be “excised.”

That quote apparently struck CNN political reporter Sara Murray as worthy of repeating:

Sara Murray deleted tweet

Something went wrong in this game of telephone, though: Islam is world’s second largest religion; Islamism is not.

Credit Murray for acknowledging that she misinterpreted the headline. Flynn certainly isn’t beyond criticism, and his record deserves to be examined — but the media at large really needs to dial back the impulse to attack that characterized its pre-election campaign coverage.

We have to admit we’d be a little more anxious to read CNN’s coverage of “—isms” if we were certain its reporters knew what they were.