Here’s something new: a transition team issuing a statement in which the president-elect denounces racism. This isn’t 2008 anymore, is it?

Crazy as it might seem, there were plenty of policy issues on the line in the 2016 election, and if it took voting for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine to prove one wasn’t a racist, then sorry: we missed that memo.

Still, there’s no denying Trump has fans he and the rest of the country could do without, and an ugly “alt-right” conference in Washington, D.C., over the weekend had plenty wondering when Trump was going to denounce it. (That’s what the statement above was supposed to do, right?)

The alt-right was on a lot of minds in the media Monday, and CNN stunned quite a few people (including the show’s vacationing host) with this chyron, about a million screenshots of which made the rounds on Twitter:

That’s very well stated, and yes … can we all give “alt-right” a rest? It’s terribly ambiguous, it suggests some sort of neighborly relationship with mainstream conservatism, and finally, if someone’s a neo-Nazi, there’s a perfectly good term for it: neo-Nazi.

If Trump’s transition is raising questions, by all means, cover the specifics, but expecting his team to denounce that conference is akin to asking when someone is going to stop beating his wife. There’s no way to win, either by ignoring it or denouncing it, apparently.

Of all the takes on that debacle, Daily Caller senior writer Jamie Weinstein’s demonstrated some real clarity that CNN’s sensationalism didn’t:

(For those out of the loop, BronyCon is a gathering of men who are fans of the “My Little Pony” cartoon.)

Worth repeating: the neo-Nazi group that hailed Trump’s election and therefore sucked up a bunch of media oxygen Monday drew around 200 people.

Would it be too much to ask to dim the spotlight on this clown for a minute?

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