We’re so old, we remember when journalists finally started to make noise about Hillary Clinton’s aversion to holding press conferences. Sure, it took about 200 days or so, but reporters finally prodded each other into going public with their lack of access to the Democratic candidate for president.

One could argue that Clinton was, at the time, only a heavily favored candidate from one of the two major parties and not the president-elect. Trump has already been criticized for taking too long to choose the members of his cabinet, and now he’s facing criticism for keeping the news media waiting too long for a press conference.

Well, 12 days is longer than 9 days. What to do … should he keep the press waiting until next week, or call a news conference tomorrow and be accused of trying to bury whatever he reveals in the bustle of a short holiday week? Hard choices, indeed. A press conference would be nice, but after enduring the media’s coverage of the campaign season, it’s difficult to work up much enthusiasm for whatever reporters would ask.

Wait, we haven’t made it to the punchline yet.

No, we don’t realize that. At all.

Back in September, a poll placed the news media’s favorability just above that of Vladimir Putin … and that poll was co-sponsored by NBC News.

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