At a press conference in Germany this week, President Obama warned of the dangers of “active misinformation” and fake news. “It was on the subject of false information coursing through social media and television that Mr. Obama was most impassioned,” reported the New York Times. Funny how the reporter left newspapers in general and the Times itself off the list of conduits for bogus narratives.

Though his time in office is limited, it’s still troubling that, directly after the election, the president suddenly and publicly has made fake news one of his concerns. Sharyl Attkisson of Full Measure News asks a very good question: who, exactly, is asking for some authority to filter out the “fake” stuff, and why?

Hmm … who, exactly, could benefit from having some higher authority vouch for news sources and stories and weed out the false ones?

And these:

It’s a shame the Democrats never got around to verifying those leaked Podesta emails, because those showed a very cozy relationship between Hillary’s campaign team and select members of the mainstream news media.

What about all of those times Hillary Clinton at her debate podium called for the fact-checkers to get to work? She must know some reliable journalists who’d be happy to curate the news and make sure it’s legitimate.