That Mike Pence attended a performance of “Hamilton” Friday night shouldn’t be news, but that changed when a cast member singled out the vice president-elect from the stage and read a statement from a cue card — not how one normally engages in “conversation.”

Pence handled the whole incident with dignity, while President-elect Donald Trump called out the cast as “rude” in a tweet and called on them to apologize. As reasonable as that might seem, the Left’s reaction is a good indication of just what’s in store.

The expert legal opinion of the ACLU, for example, was that Trump should be the one to apologize for questioning the appropriateness of the cast’s actions.

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich expressed a similar outlook Saturday, calling it un-American for Trump to respond the way he did.

What’s the problem, exactly? Trump didn’t even say he disagreed with cast member Brandon Dixon’s statement; he said the cast was rude. And if Reich is suggesting Twitter is no place to criticize speech with which one disagrees, Twitter might as well pull the plug on the service now.

Or, like the ACLU, is Reich suggesting that Donald Trump surrendered his own right to free speech by winning the election as a Republican?

The account’s real; the man behind it is the parody.

This fact-check seems pertinent to everyone weighing in on Trump’s tweet about the incident:


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