Don’t get us wrong: we don’t begrudge the president some vacation time after leaving office; in fact, we’d encourage him to take as much of it as he possibly can.

The New York Post reports that President Obama led a conference call with Democratic National Committee stakeholders Monday evening to let them know that, despite the results of the election, he’s “still fired up” and ready to get back to work … after going on vacation for a couple of weeks after his presidency comes to an end.

Absolutely. The president should take all the time he needs to just get away from it all. Some time apart could do everyone good. And this time when he goes scuba diving off Hawaii, he won’t be compelled to survey for signs of climate change; he can just enjoy himself.

Has he booked a flight somewhere, or did no one break the news that Air Force One stays? Some of those more ingrained habits are going to die hard, aren’t they?