Anyone reading this far is well aware that Vice President-elect Mike Pence was not only booed for the simple act of attending a performance of “Hamilton” on Broadway Friday night; cast member Brandon Dixon engaged Pence in “conversation,” which looked at lot like singling out an audience member and lecturing him from the stage.

Many media outlets are reporting that President-elect Donald Trump had demanded an apology, though “demanding” seems a strong word without an “or else” to back it up. In the space of eight hours or so, nearly 100,000 people have liked Trump’s tweet.

It took long enough, but the American Civil Liberties Union at last entered the fray. Someone should have told the ACLU, though, that no one is calling freedom of speech into question; Trump simply pointed out that the cast was rude to Pence.

Is this going somewhere? Because there’s absolutely nothing new here.

OK, here we go …

So, not only is the ACLU applying its vast legal expertise to the question of who should apologize; as is typical for the nonpartisan organization, it’s getting it wrong. Americans don’t need to apologize for the lawful and proper exercise of their constitutional rights — and yet Trump should apologize for calling the cast of “Hamilton” rude? News flash: they were rude.