Now that the looming threat of a Supreme Court Justice Bill Clinton or Supreme Court Justice Barack Obama is beginning to recede from our nightmares, it’s safe to begin imagining just what the Supreme Court might look like in the coming months.

The media is continuing to stomp its collective foot over the time it’s taking for President-elect Trump to select his cabinet, and most recently we’ve heard that Sen. Ted Cruz, who has been floated as a potential Supreme Court Justice, might be in the running to be the next U.S. Attorney General instead (sorry, Chris Christie).

That leaves an awfully big question mark as far as SCOTUS is concerned, but the Texas Observer reports that Twitter superstar and Texas Supreme Court Justice Don R. Willett remains on Donald Trump’s short list.

The Texas Observer’s expansive profile of Willett is well worth the time it takes to read, but for those looking for something a little quicker, keep in mind that he is the judge who sends Valentine’s Day greetings to the Constitution and on Veterans Day reminded today’s special snowflakes that the teenagers who fought two world wars thought “safe spaces” looked less like Wifi-enabled classrooms and more like trenches dug into foreign soil.

There’s a reason he’s been named the Tweeter Laureate of Texas, after all.

Seriously; read the Observer’s piece for a balanced profile of the man behind the tweets.

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