And we thought the protests and rioting and one-way flights out of the country when Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama were out of hand, but this is something else. As Twitchy reported, Sarah Silverman explained that the election of Donald Trump is the Great Depression for a lot of people, except this Great Depression has an emotional and physical component, with bodies breaking down with fear and rage (not hunger, though).

Plenty with a better grasp of American history let Silverman, 45, know her analogy was overblown, but American Warrior Initiative co-founder, “Outlaw Platoon” author and Purple Heart recipient Sean Parnell gave some life lessons with his response.

Silverman approaches the shovel … will she use it to dig herself out of this hole, or double down and try for the bedrock?

Speaking of kids, it might be worth noting that most of the “kids” walking out of their college classes or instead staying to partake of some “post-election self-care with food and play” have enjoyed the luxury of being kids longer than previous generations were allowed.

Good for them, but having relatives in basic training isn’t quite the same as being wounded in combat.

It sure sounded like Parnell was drawing from his own experience overcoming unspeakable hardship to give a combination pep talk and desperately needed reality check.

* * *