It’s a good bet that most of the protesters who continue to march against the election of Donald Trump don’t have an end game in mind; Hillary Clinton isn’t going to be president regardless, and many seem to be treating the occasion as a dumping ground for every grievance ever. Just take a look at the mess of signs carried by those high schoolers who camped out at the Lincoln Memorial Tuesday.

Protesters who marched in traffic in Philadelphia Wednesday night were supposedly anti-Trump, but they didn’t have a lot of love for the police, either.

Those pallid progressives toting the professionally printed banners are probably well aware they were provided by Philly REAL Justice; e.g., these guys:

Wasn’t this an anti-Trump rally? Here we go … somebody remembered.

Watch this next video if no other … it’s only 12 seconds and well worth it.

Pity the poor sucker who’s been doing this for free all week: