How long did it take for those “Miss Me Yet?” billboards featuring George W. Bush to pop up, anyway? Regardless, Hillary Clinton supporters aren’t wasting any time letting the deplorable half of America know what a colossal mistake they made letting this one get away.

Clinton delivered her first speech since her concession on Wednesday night at the Children’s Defense Fund gala, and to no one’s surprise, was roundly praised for it. After all, the world was put on notice that Clinton is “light itself” and “cannot be faulted, criticized, or analyzed for even one more second.”

OK, you go ahead and do that.

Super-fans might take notice that People’s President Clinton didn’t dispute the result of the election, call for the abolition of the Electoral College, or demand that her supporters march in the streets on her behalf. She did, however, admit that she was tempted to curl up into a ball and never leave the house again — even Eva Longoria managed to lift herself out of bed after two days.

One former passenger on Air Hillary was duly impressed.

It’s worth a mention that, following Clinton’s loss, charitable donations spiked, although the largest recipients reportedly were the ACLU and (with Katy Perry’s backing) Planned Parenthood.

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