In the weeks running up to the election, it wasn’t difficult to find journalists on social media pre-awarding each other Pulitzer prizes for their takedowns of Donald Trump. Which reporter would take the credit for publishing THE story that managed to bury Trump’s chances once and for all?

That was then, of course, and now reporters are spending their days trying to analyze where it all went wrong and just who was to blame. For as much as people like to tell themselves politics is all about the issues, there sure are a lot of people who still hold a grudge against Jimmy Fallon, who in September had Donald Trump on as a guest and even jokingly tousled his hair. Yep, that was it for Hillary.

Holy cow, that tweet has nearly 7,000 likes.

Yes, Saturday Night Live is culpable in this global meltdown, too, for allowing Trump to host that time. Slate reported Monday on the Twitter war between Alec Baldwin, who returned to the show to lampoon Trump, and TIME television critic Daniel D’Addario.

D’Addario was among those who thought Saturday Night Live could have done more to present Trump as the demonic hell-spawn he surely is.

That caught the attention of Baldwin, who suggested that the executives running the show were the ones standing in the way of a full-blown Hillary Clinton endorsement — because, in hindsight, that certainly would have flipped the outcome.

Guys … it’s a sketch comedy show that peaked somewhere around 30 years ago. No one cares.