As Twitchy has reported, while universities are reacting to the election by hosting healing spaces and offering stressed-out young adults Play-Doh and bubble wands, high school students across the country have chosen to walk out of class, often with teachers in tow. Classrooms in Oakland, Calif., were especially light on attendance Monday.

Check out this aerial footage from Fox News:

Anyone afraid that high school kids aren’t learning anything in school can rest assured: they’re learning that protesting is the proper response when you don’t get your way. Yes, Hillary, our kids were watching. Check out the flyer for Monday’s demonstration in Oakland.

It’s not clear if that’s the complete list of “demands” or if the photo just got cut off. The top three are probably plenty to start with: not only do these kids demand that the police be disarmed, but they demand — it appears — a re-do of the elections until they’re happy with the result. Maybe it’ll make more sense hearing it directly from them:

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