Michael Moore’s 2004 film, “Fahrenheit 911,” grossed nearly $120 million and remains his most financially successful movie by a wide margin. It’s safe to say Moore wouldn’t mind reaching those dizzying heights one more time, but he’s starting out back on the ground floor, literally.

As Twitchy reported, Moore on Friday rallied his followers to take to the streets to protest Donald Trump’s election. More accurately, he rallied them to take TO THE STREETS!

He promised to be there, and he was. And he fell right into his old “just a regular slob fighting the power” routine that dates back to his first movie, “Roger and Me.” On Saturday, he pulled off this amazing stunt: he showed up at Trump Tower and asked to make an appointment. CRAZY.

Note in the photo that Moore brought who we assume to be his own cameraman and sound guy (that thing’s a handheld boom microphone, not a 10-foot pole with a scrubby sponge, for those who were wondering).

Sure, it’s a non-event; however, will it eventually be the opening scene in the “Donald and Me” movie that Moore almost certainly thinks will draw those “Fahrenheit 911” box office numbers?

It’s 2016 now; if Moore really wants to grab attention again, he should take a cue from the guy who scaled Trump Tower this August using suction cups attached to his hands. A lot of people would pay to see him try that.

Did he get the appointment? Trump’s pretty busy these days, but Moore probably has some time open on his schedule.

And a taco bowl from Trump Tower Grill, no doubt.