Remember that weekend in September when the Hillary Clinton camp decided to pull out all the stops in its attempt to win over those fickle millennials? The campaign dispatched Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders — combined age, 142 — to the battleground state of Ohio and even began talks to lure Al Gore, 68, out of hiding to re-traumatize all those kids who were forced to watch “An Inconvenient Truth” in school.

Now, with Donald Trump preparing to take the oath of office in January and Donna Brazile trying to hold the DNC together, the party needs a chair who will focus on the young and knows something about rehab. Could it be … Anthony Weiner?

No, not him. Here’s a clue:

This guy? By all means.

Well, Gore did show for one rally, at which the same Democrats who feared Donald Trump wouldn’t accept his electoral defeat quietly and with class broke into a chant of, “You won!”

So, it’s a done deal?

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