Samuel L. Jackson has something to say about that whole leaving the country thing if Donald Trump were to win the election, but first, a heartfelt congratulations to the president-elect.

That’s actually pretty tame compared to what we were expecting, but it might be triggering to the most vulnerable among us who don’t have the option of hopping a jet and leaving the country — at least that’s what Vox suggested.

Oh, and speaking of leaving the country, Jackson would appreciate if people would stop bringing up his appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last December when he said he’d move his “black ass to South Africa” if Trump won.

That reminds us: all of that unfortunately placed barbed wire has made it really uncomfortable to sit in a movie theater seat for too long; we might have to pass on the next Avengers installment.

To be fair, he did tell everyone to make a choice and vote, and that’s just what everyone did.

* * *