As Twitchy reported, Stanford and other universities are offering post-election counseling and healing spaces for students triggered by Donald Trump’s decisive victory over Hillary Clinton.

High school students are getting in on the act too, and children around the country who were too young to vote in the election have decided to forego any designated safe spaces and hit the streets instead to declare that President-Elect Trump is not their president.

In Phoenix, for example, high school students cut class to protest the American electoral system working exactly as designed.

It’s unclear if those #DumpTrump signs depicting a pile of feces sporting a swastika tattoo and a combover were an art class project, but someone was kind enough to print enough for everyone to have one.

The video above runs pretty quickly, but it looks like the guy on the left is either flipping off the camera operator or inspecting a freshly picked booger; maybe both. It looks like a classy crowd. And protesting the American election by waving a Mexican flag? A bold choice.

At least it’s a peaceful protest; passerby might even mistake it for a bunch of high school kids standing around doing nothing.

Boy, those kids’ teachers are going to be so angry that hundreds of their students skipped class … nah, just kidding.

* * *