New York’s public radio station, WNYC, claims that its mission is “to make the mind more curious, the heart more open, and the spirit more joyful,” but the station failed its listeners in that last task Wednesday as it attempted to help them “process” the results of the presidential election.

One particular curiosity is a tweet that is currently pinned to the top of WNYC’s Twitter feed. It seems there was a young woman who cast her first vote, and the cameras were there. Without getting further into spoiler territory, here’s the short film. Note the selection of typeface, which happens to look very much like the Clinton campaign’s custom font.

Well, that wasn’t very cheery. What else does WNYC have to make the spirit more joyful?


Definitely no.

Kids singing “We Shall Overcome” at a swanky private school? The struggle is real, no doubt.

Yeah, no.

Remember when the press went crazy over the dark, dark vision of America Donald Trump painted in his “Mourning in America” speech at the Republican National Convention? They really should have saved the “Mourning in America” pun for the Wednesday after Election Day.

That “subway ride we all had.” Remember that?

What New York media bubble?