Acclaimed musician and CoverGirl model Janelle Monáe has garnered six Grammy nominations and is poised to break through to mainstream audiences with her turn as a NASA mathematician in the upcoming “Hidden Figures.”

Tonight, though, like just about everyone in the entertainment industry, she’s not happy as she watches the election returns. She’s really, really not happy with … well, you know who you are.

On the campaign trail on behalf of Hillary Clinton, Lena Dunham warned voters in North Carolina not to take their eyes off the dying beast  of white patriarchy as it thrashes and screams, slowly but inevitably breathing its last. Monáe, however, doesn’t seem willing to let the beast live another second.

It is concerning, but hang on just a second. If Hillary Clinton wins, we as Americans have conversations to have? Does that include all of the people in the previous tweet whose citizenship was revoked for being racist, sexist, and evil?

At the risk of sounding like a bunch of haters, that’s probably not a good conversation starter.