Even without the input of WikiLeaks and the posting of John Podesta’s hacked emails, it’s been pretty apparent this campaign season that the mainstream media and the Democrats continue to enjoy a very cozy relationship.

On Friday, NBC News offered a piece entitled, “Does Donald Trump Get a Pass on Telling Lies Because He’s a Man?” The accompanying article was, shockingly, a roundabout way of saying yes … yes, he does get a pass because he’s a man.

This train went off the tracks from the very first sentence, however. “Donald Trump almost certainly has set records for the number of fact-checks conducted in a presidential campaign,” begins Jane C. Timm. Could that have something to do with the anointed fact-checkers in the media having free reign to pick and choose what they fact-check and when?

Ironically, the piece was tweeted out Monday by NBC News’ Katy Tur, whose own contribution to fact-checking Donald Trump on the campaign trail didn’t go well:

Um … is it sexist to note that’s not correct at all? Just like Andrea Mitchell’s on-air assertion that a rape allegation against Bill Clinton had been “discredited”? (NBC News tried to memory-hole that one with some snips to the network’s online video archive.)

That’s where things get tricky. In the very first paragraph, Timm notes that by the network’s own exhaustive accounting, Trump had accumulated a “long list of baseless claims,” whereas Hillary Clinton had instead “offered up inaccuracies.” Check out, for example, this outrageous claim by Trump that compelled NBC News to issue a fact-check:

That’s brilliant; although NBC News should have clarified that the BleachBit app doesn’t contain actual bleach.

As an added bonus, Timm cited the research of Robin Lakoff of the University of California, Berkeley — the same woman who published a piece in TIME in October alleging that Clinton’s email scandal was nothing more than “a bitch hunt” and “a reminder to us all that she has no business doing what she’s doing and must be punished.”

Like we said, it’s one big cozy bunch.

* * *