Maybe, just maybe, President Obama didn’t let candidate Hillary Clinton hitch a ride on Air Force One back in July purely out of close, personal friendship. It’s pretty certain he’s counting on at least one ride in return after the peaceful transition of power (and aircraft) in January.

As he’s mentioned many times, Obama is going to miss the use of Air Force One and Marine One. That’s understandable, and certainly not limited to him alone. But could he please stop dropping hints? At a campaign stop the day before Election Day, he again shared just how much he’ll miss that plane.

Did he mention before how much he’ll miss Air Force One? A time or two. There was that time last November:

And just this past September:

And October:

And November:

At that rate, America should be expecting one more hint just as the holiday shopping season gets into gear. Maybe he could just grab some furniture off the plane as souvenirs to tide him over until he gets a replacement?

* * *